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Common questions and answers

Do you use bulk email services
We do not use any kind of bulk mail or text messaging service. However you can get our promotional emails or notifications if only you are a registered member of We also use social media and different promotional techniques for our business promotion, but, we never send any message in personal if you are not a registered member or user.
Do you call your customers
Yes, we may call to our customers if we believe it is important. But we never ask our customers to buy over phone or email. Our call are often for information purpose and in some cases when customer or member ask specially for some reason.
Do you want my user details for any reason
Never. We don't ask for any user details like user name, password, email, phone etc. But if you face any problem to login to your account and you belive that your user account details is leaked or misused please immediately report to us.
Do you want me to buy over phone
No. We never ask you to buy over phone. Instead our executives will always ask you to avoid these kind of activity. If you get any promotional message or call regarding you should use your browser and directly use the website. You should get all the promotional offers inside your account.
Do you provide any promotional link to any product
We do provide promotional message including various offers. But do not provide any link to other site other than Please verify that the link is coming to website. The best way to verify it on browser address bar. If the address bar address is it is ok.
Do you provide orders in COD (Case in Delivery)
Yes. We provide COD service. But our COD service may not be available for all products or customers or at some areas. Please note that we do not send products in any format automatically. You must have to login to our system and properly submit your order. We don't send orders at any form of request.

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